Manage an Existing Grant

This section contains information about how to manage your grant. If you are still completing your application click Apply and click the link to access our Grant System.

Scroll down to see an overview of the grant stages and the guides you can download and then click the green "Manage" button to access our systems.

PLEASE NOTE: You must not place an order, start, or pay for any element of your project until you have signed and returned your Funding Agreement. If you do so your funding will be withdrawn.

You have an existing grant but not yet signed a Funding Agreement

If your application has been approved for funding you will have been sent an email enclosing a letter which details what you need to do to progress your project. You will need to provide the details requested in the letter and email before we can register your project with the regulators and issue you with our Funding Agreement. Please remember you cannot start your project until you have signed and returned our funding agreement, your funding will be withdrawn if you do. If you need a further copy of the F305 Quotes and Tender summary, you will find it at the bottom of this page.

What to do if your project has changed

If you need to change any aspect of your project you will need to complete a Change Request. Click on Manage below to access our grant management system Grant Tracker and login to access your grant. You can complete a Change Request form online. If you are unsure what you need to do or need help in completing the form please contact your grant manager.

Funding Agreement

You will only be issued with your Funding Agreement when you have provided all the details requested in your funding decision email. Your Funding Agreement confirms the grant amount, the work we have agreed to fund, when and how you should claim your funding and any additional information you need to report. Your authorised signatory must sign both copies of your Funding Agreement and return one copy to us.

If you are unable to meet any of the Funding Agreement requirements you must contact your Grant Manager as soon as possible. If your project changes in any way you must notify your Grant Manager as soon as possible and before any new work is carried out. You may be required to complete a Change Request.

Your grant will not become active until you have signed and returned your Funding Agreement

How to claim your grant

Your Funding Agreement will state how many payments we expect to make and is based on the information you provided to your Grant Manager. It will also reference what supporting details and information you need to provide with your claim. You will need to submit your claim through Grant Tracker. Download our guidance on how to claim your funding and click Manage below to access the system. If you need to submit multiple invoices download our invoice summary template and follow Instruction B in the guidance.

How to submit a report

You must submit a report to accompany every claim. Interim reports are required until your final claim, when you will need to submit a final progress report, even if you are claiming your final funding before the completion of your whole project. Download our guidance on how to submit reports and click Manage below to access the system.

Reports are available 4 weeks before they are due on Grant Tracker. If you are unable to see a report available for completion please contact us.

Project Timescales

It is important you contact us if you think your project timescales may slip. Your project musts be completed and your funding claimed within 12 months of our funding decision.

If your project is not progressing as you would hope, please let us know. We understand that not everything goes to plan and it is important you keep us up to date with your project's progress. If you do encounter problems we may be able to help.

Publicising your Grant

We encourage you to publicise your project whether to mark project milestones, raise awareness of your works or celebrate achievements. You may also want to publicise your project to encourage volunteers or community engagement. Download our full publicity guidelines below.

If you tweet – we are @FCC_Communities and we would be delighted to hear from you on Twitter.

Post-completion reports

After your funded project is complete we require reports on the anniversary of completion. The number of years we need to monitor your project is based on several factors including the level of funding we committed, whether any assets were purchased and whether any income is derived from our funding. The number of years we will need to monitor your project is detailed in your Funding Agreement.

We will send you an email reminding you when you need to complete a post-completion report.

The following downloads will help you manage your grant on Grant Tracker.

Click the green Manage to access Grant Tracker

Summary of quotes and tenders How to Claim your Grant Invoice Summary form How to Complete Reports Publicity Guidelines