A Day at the Museum


The FCC Communities Foundation Board haven't met in person since March 2020 and were delighted to have their first "in person" meeting again earlier this month. The Board met at Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and alongside their Meeting, took the time to look at around the Museum, and specifically look at two projects previously funded.

Out of the Deep is an exhibit in central court of Oxford University Museum of Natural History which we funded in 2018 to help create a new interactive and engaging display that highlights the UK’s exceptional fossil heritage in the form of two of the museum’s most important large plesiosaur skeletons. The exhibits and displays have been designed to allow easy access to view the specimens and includes interactive and tactile learning methods to enable visitors to learn how the fossils were discovered and collected and gain an understanding about the life in an ancient, tropical sea that once covered much of the British Isles.

The Board also saw the new display cases funded in 2020. Funding was provided for design and manufacture of 10 new modern display cabinets in the Main Court. The new displays better use of the building’s beauty, height and space while preserving the elements visitors value – such as objects of special interest and the ‘touchability’ of specimens.

The Board were impressed with what they saw and the work the Museum had done during what had been a challenging two years.