Nothing can stop play now!


Work begins on the installation of new LED floodlights at Sleaford Tennis Club allowing play to continue all year round.

The project is now a step closer as the new centre floodlight station is in place, this is an integral part of the project as the centre column, which holds 4 floodlights needed to be replaced due to the increased weight of the new LED lights with their associated electrical starters.

The project will be able to be enjoyed by the local community in September once work is complete.

Stuart Clegg and Julie Leighton of Sleaford Tennis Club are excited that the project is starting to take shape. They said: “It’s great to see our vision for this vital community facility moving closer to reality. We are extremely grateful for the funding FCC Communities Foundation has given us and we’re looking forward to opening to the public.”

Pictured is the new centre column.