Our Funding Priorities


We can't fund all the projects we would want so it is important if you want to apply for funding you consider how your project meets our funding priorities. We want to fund projects which are well thought out; offer value for money; be deliverable and sustainable; meet a defined and appropriate need; and show support from, and benefits to, the community. It is important that applications demonstrate how they meet these priorities.

  • Some applications are rejected because they do not meet our funding priorities
  • More applications are rejected because they have not demonstrated how they meet our funding priorities

Whatever type of project you are applying for it is important you consider and evidence how it links to the following:

  • Need – there is a clear and genuine need for the project
  • Consultation and Support – there is appropriate and relevant consultation and community support
  • Sustainability – how the site/project will be maintained and kept in good order when complete
  • Value for Money – costs are reasonable, match funding is fitting, and the project offers good value for money
  • Deliverability – the project is sufficiently developed, timescales are appropriate, and the project can be managed
  • Impact and Outcomes – the impact on the natural, social, or built environment and what the project will mean to the local community.

In addition to your answers within the application, you should include evidence of this and upload documents to support your responses.

We strongly recommend you consider the following before applying.

  1. How have you developed your project and who you have discussed your plans with?
  2. Who will benefit and why is it important to them?
  3. What activities you have undertaken to show the community support what you want to do?
  4. When the project is complete how will you look after and maintain the site?
  5. Are the costs reasonable and appropriate for the project and its outcomes?
  6. How can you demonstrate your costs are realistic, have you spoken to contractors or a surveyor?
  7. Have you considered additional funding opportunities or resources in-kind, if not why?
  8. Who will manage the project? What can be done to keep it on time and on budget?
  9. When complete, what will the project mean to your community, who will benefit and how?
  10. Where appropriate, how have you considered:
    Promoting social inclusion;
    Reducing the environmental impact.