All inclusive Playground at Lightburn Park

Project Name
Ulverston - Lightburn Park Playground
Project Type
FCC Communities Action Fund
Our Funding
Total Project Cost

This project was to redevelop and relocate the existing children’s playground, which was coming to the end of its life, replacing it with a play area which would provide a range of fun and challenging equipment in a secure and safe environment and no longer be split by an access path through the park.

The new playground is now located so dog walkers can still enjoy the park without having to walk through the play area and the larger footprint has allowed for more equipment with items suitable for a greater age group and pieces suitable for children with additional needs.

The playground is located near a school which caters for pupils aged between 2 and 19 with learning difficulties, many of these children have complex needs including autism, physical difficulties, and sensory impairments, and after consultation with the school the play area now includes a plastic pod swing, a roundabout that will take a wheelchair and the colours are subtle, so not to be overwhelming.

New equipment includes a swing that will take a parent and child, a trampoline that has ramps for a wheelchair and many tactile and sensory elements allowing children of all abilities to play together. Signage has also been installed displaying visual symbols designed to assist autistic children communicate their wants and needs whilst at the playground.

The style, design and location of equipment ensures it is accessible for less able children, allowing them to play alongside friends rather than feeling separated. Equipment is zoned into age groups, toddler, junior and older children, where equipment is accessed by size and ability rather than strict age ranges to allow children with a range of abilities the opportunity to play together.