Featherstone War Horse

Project Name
War Horse - A Place of Peace to be Together
Project Type
FCC Community Action Fund
Our Funding
Total Project Cost

From an idea initiated by Featherstone Town Council the project was to create a sculpture as a memorial to the 353 servicemen from the town who lost their lives in WW1. The statue, entitled War Horse – A Place of Peace to be Together, was designed to fit into the landscape at a local nature reserve and the sculpture was developed through workshops with local schools and groups to give a sense of ownership in the artwork and for the finished work to be a focal point for the local community.

War Horse has been designed to be accessible to all. The horse sculpture straddles an existing pathway which already has disabled access enabling visitors to pass underneath it and view from all angles. The sculpture has been made deliberately tactile and the scale of the work will also enable pedestrians and those in vehicles passing by to view it from the road side, so those with impaired vision may also experience its qualities.

The project gained recognition nationally as the 20ft high completed sculpture made its way from its makers in Bristol to West Yorkshire. Winched into place and now complete, War Horse has already enhanced the environment and residents feel a sense of connection and pride in their new memorial.

Our grant was used to fund the costs of fabrication and installation.

The reserve where War Horse is sited has open access and is free to visit.