The Walks Parkour Freerunning Facility

Project Type
MUGA/Skate Park/Bike Track
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Total Project Cost

The applicant worked with the local community to develop a project that met the requirements of a new and exciting sport but also fitted into the surroundings a well-used historic park.

Designed in consultation with the local freerunners the site is intended to mimic the obstacles found in the environment and to complement the surroundings of the park. The 24m x 11m² park comprises a number of bespoke elements.

  1. High bars and frame, which replicate steel scaffolding
  2. Low and varied angled wall, ideal for beginners and younger children
  3. Low bars – which replicate railings
  4. Precision jump
  5. Varying height walls and bar combination
  6. Various heights of double block walls – replicating brick walls
  7. Swing through and medium height wall combination

This range of vertical and horizontal surfaces as well as an arrangement of steel bars offers both beginners and experienced freerunners a safe place to train, play, practise and enjoy. The facility will help to cater for the emerging sport, which has become increasingly popular with local youngsters, and provide an appropriate space for them to practise.

The site is free to use and open 7 days per week.