Crowds of people turn up to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new play area in Crowmarsh


The community of Crowmarsh Gifford recently came together to celebrate the opening of the new children’s playground and outdoor gym for all ages.

The new playground is the result of over two years of planning and hard work by a small team from Crowmarsh Parish Council and has been made possible by several large grants from SODC, FCC Communities Foundation and Fields in Trust, plus local business contributions from Agrivert, Howbery Park, Waitrose and Homebase Management, and donations from local people in memory of former parish council chairman John Bellamy, thanks to whose vision and determination the parish council acquired the village recreation ground over 30 years ago.

The much-loved wooden playground was a great asset for an earlier generation, but had become outdated and increasingly costly to maintain. This new playground is bigger and better, providing fresh play experiences for children, targeting a greater age range with the equipment, and it offers accessible play equipment that was not available 20 years ago.

The addition of the outdoor gym equipment was realised through the scoping project thanks to great feedback from the community. Not only will this help the adult community to be more active, but it will also be used by the local stroke club in their rehabilitation.

With the village expected to grow significantly, this playground is perfectly situated on the recreation ground, enhancing this community hub for social gatherings as well as sport and recreation. It is anticipated that this facility will instantly increase community cohesion, with the local primary school PTA already planning to run after-school events over the warmer months.