New Storm Resilient Bird Hide almost ready to open its doors at RSPB Snettisham, Norfolk


It has been almost 7 years since the biggest tidal surge in over 60 years hit the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts creating havoc and mass destruction. One of the places that was severely hit was RSPB Snettisham where very sadly two of their bird hides were damaged beyond repair and one disappeared completely.

Since Dec 2013 the RSPB have worked tirelessly to replace the lost and damaged hides with a single, much larger, storm resilient, purpose built structure. The project has taken several years of planning to make sure that the new structure can withstand future weather scenarios; is appropriate for the site, being a shingle beach and will meet the needs and demands of the visitors.

The overall project will cost approx. £280,000 and FCC Communities Foundation have awarded £173,500 towards the cost. The rest of the funding has come via crowd funding; donations, gift aid and other grants.

The hide will be softly launched and opened as soon as it is completed, and RSPB say they are planning a launch event for the big high-tide sequence during September 2020.

Pictured below is the progress on the new hyde with the results of the tidal surge being seen on the bottom image!