The pavilion and grounds at Cherry Burton sportsfield receive a much needed makeover


Located near Beverley in East Riding of Yorkshire, the total cost of the work was £67,649 and was funded with a grant of £37,836 from FCC Communities Foundation, £22,000 from ERYC, £3,700 from the Parish Council and £4,112 from Sportsfield Management Committee.

With the improvements to the football pitches Cherry Burton have now gone from 1 registered team for 2018/2019 to a planned 5 teams for the season 2019/2020.

The tennis club who use the pavilion to change/toilets have increased the number of league teams to 8 which is the highest number ever recorded.

As a village facility the use of the sportsfield is now used by the local school for the year end celebrations and is approved as the registered site for elections.

The committee are continuing to improve the ecology of the site by attaching bat boxes to the pavilion and they have erected 25 small bird boxes and 3 owl boxes around the perimeter of the site. They have also planted bluebells/primroses/snowdrops and cowslips in the hedgerows and around the trees.

The Before and After photos say it all. What a great transformation!