Norwich Castle’s visitor facilities transformed


The update includes the complete refurbishment of the main toilets and a refreshed look for the Rotunda, the well-used multi-purpose space at the heart of the Museum well-known for its unique 1960s architecture.

Home to the Castle café, the Rotunda now boasts funky new furniture, new tables and benches for school group lunches and a striking ‘green wall’ of highly realistic-looking plants which runs up the side of the main stairs. Visitors in need of spending a penny are now welcomed to the refurbished toilets by a queue of humorous characters from the Castle’s past and collections, courtesy of artist Ben Hawkes.

Now that this element of the project is complete, we cast our eyes to the development of the Early Years Gallery within Norwich Castle Keep, which is also part of the £210,000 grant awarded and due to be completed later this year.