Supertree Illuminations at Hoole Way Community Garden


A grant of £48,000 from FCC Communities Foundation has transformed a neglected open space in the centre of Chester into a vibrant community garden, with enhanced landscaping, seating and the installation of iconic 'Supertrees'!

The Local Community Group ‘For Eco Super Trees’ (ForEST), celebrated the completion of the community garden at Hoole Way, Chester with a Lanterns Service. This included local singers and musicians who performed on the central performance space, decorated with local artist Russell Kirk’s lanterns.

As quoted from ForEST, “The Supertrees have many purposes - to raise awareness of the climate crisis, to increase biodiversity in our city, to transform a neglected area into a much-loved community space, to educate young people about conservation, and to bring communities together. Tonight we came together under these beacons of hope - hope for the future of Chester and for the planet.”