Entrance facelift for the Skelton Grange Environment Centre


Despite regular maintenance, high footfall of over 6000 visitors a year combined with 15 years of weathering had caused the previous entrance way's wooden decking to become dilapidated and in need of replacement.

The project has involved the creation of a new front entrance area and event space. The old decking and benches, which were decaying, have been removed, and a new raised area of paving has been created, with primary access up gently angled ramps with wooden handrails and panelling.

Additional steps lead down from the terrace, and can also be used as seating on event days or when working with large groups.

Three new seating areas have been created - two backed by raised beds, to highlight planting and the environmental nature of the centre's work, and the third built into a dry stone wall constructed in Yorkshire stone. These spaces will be used as teaching spaces, as well as an area for visitors to enjoy lunches. The dry stone wall frames the new event space, but contains a squeeze stile to allow access to our herb area, as well as a pizza oven, constructed in clay sourced on site. The pizza oven, the shelter over it, the raised beds and the seating are being constructed with funding from YORhub.

The total project cost was £78,000. This was funded with a grant of £63,619.43 from FCC Communities Foundation along with funds from the Friends of Skelton Grange, YORhub 4 good fund and funds from The Conservation Volunteers.